site plan engineering

Comvest Builders' engineering resources can help perfect your site plan.   Whether you need Structural engineering resources or site planning, lets discuss your requirements.

As a Certifying Agent for Florida's Green Building Certification Program, we offer other builder and developers the required Certifying Agent resources.   

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Green building Certification

Comvest Builders has a team of resources available for the complete building life cycle.  Whether you need plans created, or a site prepared, we can bring you the right construction resources.  We have professional architects and draftsmen ready to help you put the wheels in motion for your construction


Use our experience to help formulate or evaluate your construction goals.  Whether you need a second opinion or a new inspiration, let us see what insight Comvest Builders can bring.


Our team of electrical professionals can help you rewire, design and get your electrical requirements done right and up to code requirements.


Let our team discuss your need for renovation.    We have extensive experience with projects include historical property renovations.  With this experience, we can help guide you.